Fiber Optic Products

ACEZ Transceiver Module

As a supplier of fiber optic products, ACEZ Optics focus optical transceiver modules which support Ethernet, Sonet/SDH and Fibre Channel applications across many different brands’ switching and routing platforms. ACEZ pluggable optical transceiver modules offer a convenient and cost effective solution for the adoption in data center, campus, metropolitan area access and ring networks, and storage area networks. You may choose ACEZ Optical Transceiver Modules in terms of packages, speeds, protocols, reaches and media type.

In addition to optical transceiver module, ACEZ Optics also supply SFP+ Cable, the twinax direct-attach cable with SFP+ connectors, and the passive cable assembly, fiber optic patch cord as well. Please see the table below,

sfp transceiver module
SFP Transceiver Module
gbic transceiver moduleGBIC Transceiver Module sfp+ transceiver module
SFP+ Transceiver Module
xfp transceiver module

XFP Transceiver Module

x2 transceiver moduleX2 Transceiver Module xenpak transceiver moduleXenpak Transceiver Module
pon transceiver modulePON Transceiver Module sfp+ cableSFP+ Cable fiber optic patch cord

Fiber Optic Patch Cord


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