FiberLight deploys first 100G link in Texas

Posted on Aug 15, 2013 in Industry News, News

Fiber-optic network service provider FiberLight LLC says it has passed another critical milestone in its extensive Texas expansion effort with the successful deployment of the company’s first 100G link between Dallas and Fort Worth.

The 100G link is part of the service provider’s state of the art 8,000-mile fiber-optic build in Texas.

“The completion of our 100-gig test and turnup marks an extremely significant accomplishment for FiberLight,” says Judd Carothers, EVP of network operations and engineering. “This deployment continues to further solidify FiberLight’s capabilities from a technology perspective and its ability to perform in one of the country’s fasting growing metropolitan markets.”

FiberLight is utilizing the Fujitsu 9500 platform to deliver its 100G wavelengths. The provider has continued to expand the Fujitsu 9500 deployment outside of the DASH network (FiberLight’s Dallas, Austin, SAN Antonio, and Houston Long-Haul Network), which it successfully deployed earlier this year. “The capabilities of the 9500 and the interoperability of it with the existing Fujitsu utilized 7500 DWDM network in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro have proven to be a winning combination for our metro and long haul deployment efforts,” adds Carothers.

CEO Paul Pierron says he’s excited about FiberLight’s accomplishments thus far around the build. “At the conclusion of this $300-million build,” he notes, “we will have one of the largest commercially viable 4G LTE mobile networks and footprint in the state of Texas.”