Hibernia Networks acquires Atrato IP Networks

Posted on Sep 4, 2013 in Industry News

Global carrier Hibernia Networks says it has acquired Atrato IP Networks, a global provider of IP transit and carrier services. The acquisition will bring enhanced capabilities and expanded product depth to the fiber-optic networkservice provider’s suite of offerings, further enabling high-capacity, secure connectivity options globally, while maintaining the highest level of customer support and business continuity throughout the combined networks, Hibernia asserts.

Providing high performance and cost-effective services to support high-traffic businesses, Atrato’s product range includes IP transit, remote interconnection, and managed services. The company has a presence across 15 countries worldwide throughout the U.S. and Europe. Atrato had been a customer of Hibernia (see, for example, ”Hibernia Networks supplies 100-Gigabit Ethernet fiber services to Atrato Communications”).

By leveraging Atrato’s technical team in Amsterdam, Hibernia says it will now have a second technical center of leadership in Europe, building upon its Dublin, Ireland base, and further emphasizing its global strength and expanded reach for clients.

“The combination of Hibernia’s worldwide fiber networks and Atrato’s Ethernet and IP offering will further establish Hibernia as a service innovation leader,” said Bjarni Thorvardarson, CEO for Hibernia Networks. “Atrato has an exemplary reputation in the industry, due to its high-quality customer service by its experienced and dedicated team. Hibernia looks forward to continuing this high level of service and utilizing Atrato’s strong talent base to offer high performance solutions globally.”