IQ Networks to build transponderless IP-over-DWDM network with Menara Networks

Posted on Mar 18, 2011 in Industry News, News

Menara Networks, which specializes in multifunction optical modules, says that that Iraqi Internet service provider IQ Networks will use its “System-in-a-Module” Tunable OTN XFP transceivers to create a 10-Gbps IP-over-DWDM fiber-optic network that doesn’t need transponders.

The MSA-compliant modules not only provide standard Optical Transceiver functions but also integrate ITU-T G.709 OTU-2 framing, OTN alarms and performance monitoring processing, forward error correction for OSNR gain, automatic receiver threshold adaptation, and SBS suppression for up to 2000-km transmission. They therefore can be plugged into routers and similar platforms and obviate the need for separate transponders for interface with optical networks.

“IQ Networks is building a state of the art, purpose-built IP/MPLS network in Iraq and the region. We were looking for an architecture that not only simplifies our operations but also one that places our IP/MPLS nodes at the center of the network rather than a client to the transmission layer,” stated Frank Martin, IQ Networks CEO. “We have diligently evaluated all the DWDM options available in the market place today and concluded that Menara’s innovative OTN ‘System-in-a-Module’ provide all the necessary performance and management capabilities without burdening our network with the high cost, footprint, and power consumption that plague the transponder based architecture.”