Quality Control

ACEZ Optics has implemented the following procedures:

1. All raw materials and accessories must be checked or tested before entering production facilities. All unqualified materials are immediately rejected.

2. We provide quality control testing and analysis for each product line.

  • Workers manufacture products in accordance with provided technical documents. The first several products of each day will be checked first by the worker, then by our full time QC inspectors. Mass production will begin only if the products have been tested and have passed inspection.
  • During mass production, personnel will periodically check products to ensure randomized testing. Our QC team completes a tour of inspection and parts are spot checked before they are able to move on to the next phase in production.

3. Finished products are checked to determine their quality level.

4. Quality feedback from the marketing department is rapidly and efficiently delivered to the QC and technical departments, allowing design improvements and corrections to happen as quickly as possible.

Quality policy: 100% testing before delivery, one-year warranty provided.

Quality objectives: IQC pass rate: ≥98.20%

First testing pass rate: ≥99.10%

FQA pass rate: ≥98.50%

Customer satisfaction: 97.00%