ACEZ Optics produces first class optical transceiver modules in compliance with industrial standard, but it is inevitable that few modules will be defective after serving a period of time, and here you may find our RMA policy.

During the warranty period, if any items become defective, we can replace it with a new one. Before you get a confirmation of return, we need a defective proof from you, and the serial number of the modules. Once the problem is confirmed, you can return those defective items, and meanwhile we will arrange the shipment for replacements as soon as possible.


  1. Within 3 years from the date (subject to the date on invoice) of release of shipment, if there is any problem with our products, we can accept the return of defective items, and send you replacements. ACEZ Optics don’t guarantee the items which exceeds the period of warranty.
  2. It is not in the range of warranty that the damages caused by unauthorized repair, misuse, carelessness, abuse, accident and wrong installation, as well as the damages which are caused by personal reasons, including but not only:
      • Incorrect operation and improper storage.
      • Disassemble goods without permit or repair at unauthorized service station.
      • Other non-quality problems.
  3. If you need to extend the warranty to 4 years or more, please contact us.

The returned items must be 100% complete, with well packaging. Please pack the returned products properly in order to avoid damage during delivery.

ACEZ Optics reserves the right to refuse the return which does not meet these requirements above.